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  1. Water source: We are using water extracted from 500ft deep aqua level where T.D.S level is excellent i.e. having balanced mineral composition.

  2. Reserve tank: Instead of Ordinary tanks we are using food grade P.V.C. water tanks to maintain the quality of water.

  3. Pressure pump: Best quality pressure pumps with stainless steel impellers are being used to maintain the pressure of water homogeneously to avoid extra over pressure on filters and to give required length of time to the water to pass through U.V.Sterlizer smoothly


  1. Sand filter: Large sized 60 inches tall sand filter made of Osmonics company U.S.A Operated with electric timers is being used to filter the water up to 10 Microns, It removes dust, rust, silt, scale and unseen suspended particles, and if contamination occurs, it switches off the system it self and takes a quick and complete back wash itself and re start itself automatically, or we can adjust timers for backwash at hours of week days, moreover we can give it a back wash manually whenever we need to.

  2. Pre filters: Jumbo-sized filters of Ametek U.S.A are installed which filters the water from 20 Microns up to 5 Microns.

  3. Granulated Activated Carbon filter. (G.A.C.F) Again large sized carbon filter is also made of Osmonics U.S.A which takes it's backwash automatically if contamination occurs, it removes all types of organic, inorganic chemicals, chlorine, insecticides, pesticides, herbicides, and makes the water:

    1. Odor free 

    2. Color free 

    3. Chemical free.G.A.C.F filters the water up to 2 Microns. Its backwash system is same as that of the Sand Filter

  4. Post filters (Polishers) 
    Jumbo-sized filters of Harms co & Ametek, U.S.A are being used for more polishing of water from 0.8 Micron to 0.35 Microns.

  5. U.V.S (ULTRA VIOLET STERILIZER)To disable the viruses and kill the germs we are using U V Sterilizer Sanitron of Atlantic(U.S.A) with flow rate of 12 Gallons per minute (12 G.P.M) @ 30,000 Million Wafts/P/S (Sq).Atlantic is a world-renowned company, famous for it's high standard, foul proof, U.V.S systemssterilizing the water, killing bacteria and disabling viruses instantly which makes the water about 99 % bacteria free.

  6. OZONAVTION: After all the process of filtration and sterilization we at WATER WORLD has adopted process of Ozonation which means the processed water is then treated with Ozone Gas, which is the most modern method of eliminating bacteria & Viruses.