Purifying Process of Water World

Water source: We are using water extracted from 500ft deep aqua level where T.D.S level is excellent i.e. having balanced mineral composition.

Reserve tank: Instead of Ordinary tanks we are using food grade P.V.C. water tanks to maintain the quality of water.

Pressure pump: Best quality pressure pumps with stainless steel impellers are being used to maintain the pressure of water homogeneously to avoid extra over pressure on filters and to give required length of time to the water to pass through U.V.Sterlizer smoothly


  • Sand filter: Large sized 60 inches tall sand filter made of Osmonics company U.S.A Operated with electric timers is being used to filter the water up to 10 Microns, It removes dust, rust, silt, scale and unseen suspended particles, and if contamination occurs, it switches off the system it self and takes a quick and complete back wash itself and re start itself automatically, or we can adjust timers for backwash at hours of week days, moreover we can give it a back wash manually whenever we need to.
  • Pre filters: Jumbo-sized filters of Ametek U.S.A are installed which filters the water from 20 Microns up to 5 Microns.
  • Granulated Activated Carbon filter. (G.A.C.F) Again large sized carbon filter is also made of Osmonics U.S.A which takes it's backwash automatically if contamination occurs, it removes all types of organic, inorganic chemicals, chlorine, insecticides, pesticides, herbicides, and makes the water:
    • Odor free
    • Color free
    • Chemical free.G.A.C.F filters the water up to 2 Microns. Its backwash system is same as that of the Sand Filter
  • Post filters (Polishers) Jumbo-sized filters of Harms co & Ametek, U.S.A are being used for more polishing of water from 0.8 Micron to 0.35 Microns.
  • U.V.S (ULTRA VIOLET STERILIZER)To disable the viruses and kill the germs we are using U V Sterilizer Sanitron of Atlantic(U.S.A) with flow rate of 12 Gallons per minute (12 G.P.M) @ 30,000 Million Wafts/P/S (Sq).Atlantic is a world-renowned company, famous for it's high standard, foul proof, U.V.S systemssterilizing the water, killing bacteria and disabling viruses instantly which makes the water about 99 % bacteria free.
  • OZONAVTION: After all the process of filtration and sterilization we at WATER WORLD has adopted process of Ozonation which means the processed water is then treated with Ozone Gas, which is the most modern method of eliminating bacteria & Viruses.

Filling Process

  • Packaging (0.5,&1.5litre bottles )
    • Rinser: First there is an automatic stainless steel rinser, which rinses the bottles as they are put on that, with the processed water.
    • Filler: Stainless steel filler with six nozzles operated with timer & solenoid valve, with timers, fully adjustable structure to suit different sizes is being used for filling.
    • Capper: Automatic circulatory stainless steel capper adjust-able for different heights and hopper with detective switch & censor, is being used for safe and accurate capping.
    • Check Screen: This is our unique quality check system where we make sure that every bottle being produced is accurately filled & sealed with cap.
    • Batch & Expiry Printer: Inkjet Batch, expiry and company logo printer is being used, make America
    • Shrink Tunnel: Stainless steel shrink tunnel is being used for neck sealing and for shrinking sleeves.
All this system is mounted so a forty feet long stainless steel conveyer
  • Family Bottle (19 litre)
    • Washer
    • Washing, Cleaning & Disinfection
    • Automatic Filler and Capper
    • Check Screen
    • Heat sealer

We use imported chemicals for washing and disinfection of 19-litre bottles LABORATORY: Water is then tasted in our own laboratories for mineral composition and Microbiology

With this system we can produce 30~ 40 bottles of either size per minute which means we can produce above twelve thousand bottles in eight hours which leads to one thousand cartons per day, presently we are producing seven to nine hundred cartons per day or as required by our sales department.

However simply working in shifts we can increase this quality.


We like to pass information

  • Our annual plant capacity is about 16,200,000 liters.
  • Our production capacity is 30 (thirty) bottles of 1.5 liter per minute.
  • Our plant capacity is 8 (eight) gallons per minute.
  • Our annual production is about 4, 95,000 liters (approximately).
    • We are using imported filtration system with automatic backwash system.
    • We are using reverse osmosis process with imported softener with auto regeneration System.
    • We are using imported Ultra Violet Sterilizer.
    • We are using Ozonation process (which is latest technology for bacteria & virus elimination).
    • We have in house chemical Analyze and Microbiological laboratory facilities, to insure quality and standards for our valued customers
    • We are using automatic filling, capping and sealing system controlled by timers installed on 30-foot long SS conveyer. We are working under strict hygienic conditions


At present Naimat Natural Mineral Water can be having in five different sizes.
NR.PET Bottles
1. 0.5/0.6 liter small
2. 1.5 liter medium
3. 2 liter bigger Bottle
3. 3.0 liter jug or big bottle
4. 5.0 liter big bottle
5. 12.5 liter can

6. 19 litre Poly Carbonate Bottles


Water Quality Checks:

Naimat Pure Drinking Water has been tested for Microbiology & Chemical composition from all The listed laboratories;

  • P.C.S.I.R. Labs LAHORE

And now being tested in our own laboratories for chemical analysis and microbiology As required by P.S.Q.C.A (Pakistan Standards and Quality Control Authority)

P.C.S.I.R LABS Lahore Pakistan