I ATTA MOHY UD DIN (MSc), C.E.O of WATER WORLD had decided to launch Bottled Mineral Water in November 1998. After a lot of research in water treatment I visited lots of plants as a consultant, which were producing mineral water or drinking water and found out most of them as substandard, this decision became more powerful when I learnt about the fake procedure adopted by the only mineral water manufacturer in Lahore and that people are not getting safe water to drink even in hospitals, what to say of the people on the move or traveling, therefore I accepted the challenge and started working on the project of providing good safe water to consumers.

To meet the challenge I arranged to import filtration plant of OSMONICS and U.V. Sterilizer of ATLANTIC Company which are well known companies of U.S.A. in Nov; 1999. And arranged a good automatic filling station totally made of stainless steel in May; 2000. And after taking all precautionary measurements WA TER WORLD finally launched their product


Company Profile

Water World®
Boby Plaza Compound,
Opp; Govt: Munshi Hospital
Bund Road, Lahore. Ph. # 092-42-7150190 Fax # 092-42-7150843
http// Mail:

The Company

Water World® is an emerging company established in 1998. The company provides Services Plans and Material to develop and enhance the business opportunities for the existing Bottled Water Industry and market. The company delivers rapid solutions to clients by using the component driven approaches and expertise across a broad technology spectrum.

The Vision

The vision of the company is to deliver flawless, customized and scalable solutions by using the core competencies to satisfy the demand and supply curve of the market.

The Guiding Principle

Water World® work closely with clients to develop a transparent understanding and articulation of strategic objectives and business needs.

The Approach

At Water World® each customer treats exclusively. Every customer has individual needs and cannot enjoy success with a cookie cutter solution.

Deals in

  • Water treatment plants erection.
  • Community Water System.
  • Industrial Water Systems.
  • Drinking water Plants.
  • Waste Water Treatment
  • PET Bottles blowing.
  • Inkjet Online Printers
  • Water testing Lab installation.
  • Liquid Filling Lines.
  • Industrial Chemicals
  • Water Treatment systems
    • Designing of Filtration System
    • Fabrication
    • installation
    • Piping & Spares
    • Filling Stations
  • Filling Lines of water, Juices, and Beverages
  • Water for drinking, bottling and to be used in Allied Industries
  • Filling, washing and rinsing plants for five gallon jumbo bottles

We also Deasl in

  • Chemicals being used in water treatment Systems
  • Doseable minerals.
  • Cleaning Washing chemicals
  • Bio Cides
  • Lab chemicals
  • Installation of Solar Water Heater.(Geaser)
  • De-ionizer
  • Alkaline Water.
  • Anti-Oxidant Water.
  • Micro clustered
  • PET Bottles, PET Preforms,
  • Stretch Blowing Machines,
  • Filling and Packing Lines,
  • Shrink tunnels, Carton Sealers
  • Inkjet Printers for on line expiry message printing,
  • We have better solutions for your Lab installations for Chemical and Micro Biology Labs for water industry and Standardization for certifications of
    • P.S.Q.C.A, and I.S.O.
  • We also provide filling facility to other companies strictly under contract


We supply complete spare parts, accessories including all kinds of filtration media and raisons for your plants, trouble shooting and up gradation for your existing plants

We provide

  • Plant designing following The Safety Health & Environment (SH&E) principals and meeting the challenges of the modern world . in our tropical climate maximum efficiency is attained by designing at optimal conditions & seeing our environmental needs completely installed locally and erect by our own engineers. After installation technical assistance is provided.
  • unique formulation for taste development of bottled mineral water our scientists & engineers provide feed back to newly installed plants for any kind of troubleshooting.
  • Self dependency
  • Staff training
  • Complete package of business plans
  • Help to achieve strategic goals success fully


Managing team

Chief Executive Mr. Atta Mohy-ud-Din
General Manager Mr. Bilal Khan Lodhi
National Sales Manger Mr. Shahbaz Khan
Finance Controller Mr. Muhammad Naeem
Marketing Manger Mr. Farrukh Bashir Sahi


  • S & N Food processing industries (Hattar)
  • Juice Packers (Lahore)
  • Chitral Mineral Water (Chitral)

General Design For Treated Water Plant

  • Chlorination
  • De-chlorination
  • Basic filtration
  • Purification
  • Softening
  • Reverse Osmosis
  • Mineral Dosnig
  • Sterilization & Ozonization

Water World® Team Water World team composed of 27 people

  • A team of 7 people as assistant technical managers
  • A team of 14 technicians
  • A research and development department
  • A purchase department
  • A quality control and advice service

FOR BASIC INFORMATION General Design For Mineral Water Plant

  • Chlorination
  • De-chlorination
  • Basic filtration
  • Purification
  • Sterilization &
  • Ozonization