Why Naimat

Water is the most abundant compound and essential constituent of life without which life is impossible. Almost 60% of our body is water. It is estimated that owing to over- population the water has become more polluted by sewerage, septic thanks, industrial and other wastes.
What can the polluted water do?

  • Hepatitis ‘C’.
  • Kidney problems.
  • Stomach problems.
  • Skin problems.
  • Mental diseases.
  • Throat problems.
  • Infectious jaundice.
  • Typhoid fever and a host of other diseases

What maximum can we do to protect ourselves?

We can use tap water. Butt!!
Tap water is most harmful when it passes through rusty pipes which some time leaks and water may get mingle with sewage through this unhygienic water we get not only un-pleasant taste but also foul feeling in our body, it is a fact that almost 80% of all diseases in Pakistan are water borne.

Use boiled water. Butt !!!!
Modern research revels that after boiling, not only total dissolved solids (T.D.S.) & PH levels are increased but also we cannot eliminate bacteria and other living organisms present in the water, poisonous chemicals contaminants like lead and rust remain there. Consequently we are exposed to many serious diseases.

Use domestic filters. But!!!!
If we think that filtering is ultimate solution, think again , because domestic filters are basically just strainers which maximum suspended solids present in the solids including harmful chemicals remains behind.
Best filters, too. get clogged up periodically infect, they can become a fertile breeding ground for bacteria.
This means that the water coming of the filters may actually become more contaminated that the tap water going in.

Use Distillation Process But!!!!
This is an expensive and time consuming process. By distillation, we get mineral-free water, which is not nutritious or beneficial for health.

Use Of Chemical Treatment But!!!!

  • Although synthetic chemical treatment is easy but it deals with the destruction of germs and bacteria only.
  • Moreover suspended or dissolved impurities still remain in the water.
  • Remember, slight mistake in dosage of chemicals may cause lot of problems.

Modern research has revealed that chlorine can react with other substances in your water to from trihalomethaces (THMs). THMs found in chlorinated water have link with cancer in human body.

All these methods of purification reveal that we are still unable to get balanced and purified water.

Water World has overcome all these problems with its latest purifying and balancing system.

We arranged to import basic filtration plant in NOV; 1999. of world renowned company OSMONICS softener from FLECK. U.V. Sterilizer of ATLANTIC Company, Which is well known companies of USA And Adopted REVERS OSMOSIS system in June 2000. Also we adapted latest technology of Ozonation for bacteria elimination and arranged a good automatic filling station with speed of 30 bottles per minute totally made of SS316L(Food Grade stainless steel) in May 2000 & after taking all precautionary measures water world finally launched their product July 2000.

Filtration process

  • Basic filtration of Sand and Carbon
  • elimination of ferrous and Arsenic
  • U.V.Sterilization
  • Dual Carbon Filtration
  • Ozon Mixing
  • Micron rating filters 5-Microns
  • Softening
  • Reverse Osmosis System (De-mineralization) and removal of Heavy Metals like Arsenic
  • Mineralization (Taste Development)
  • Acute Filtration of 1-Micron
  • Storage for Ozon Mixing and time delaying
  • Final Polishing of 0.2-Micron Filters
  • Automatic filling in bottles
    • Packaging NR Bottles 0.5 &1.5 Litre sizes
    • 19 litre Jumbo Family Bottles


  • We are using best quality imported chemicals for washing and disinfection of jumbo bottles (19 Ltr) and to keep the floors and environment clean

Water Quality Checks
Naimat Natural mineral water is being tasted for Microbiology & Chemical composition from all the listed laboratories,
Also as requirement of PSQCA we have our own laboratories
And both the departments are having a closed look in our production

  • Test repots & result can be inspected